habplan  Software for Spatial Forest Harvest Scheduling

Below are a series of Habplan tutorials that will help you become familiar with this harvest scheduling software package. The tutorials are geared towards the user who has at least an elementary understanding of harvest scheduling. The first few tutorials will walk you through the basics of Habplan (e.g. downloading Habplan & making your 1st Habplan run), and the latter tutorials will deal with more advanced capabilities of Habplan (e.g. interactively editing regimes). NOTE! These tutorials are a new feature on our website. We will add new tutorials as they become available, so keep checking here to make sure you have the latest.

 Tutorial #1: Getting started
(This tutorial walks you through the process of downloading Habplan, reading in an example dataset, and running Habplan for the 1st time. You will also learn how to constrain a flow to be within specified upper and lower thresholds, and how to specify flow targets by year.)

Tutorial #2: Saving the "Best Schedule"
(This tutorial deals with using the "Best Schedule Control" tool in Habplan to save one or more of the "best schedules", where "best" is defined by a fitness funcion. You will learn how to load your best schedule, and how to save the output data associated with this schedule. Lastly, this tutorial shows you how to save the current Habplan setup before exiting Habplan.)

Tutorial #3: Interpreting the output data
(This tutorial explains the Habplan output data that you save using the "Habplan output Control")

Tutorial #4: Using the GIS viewer & regime editor
(This tutorial will show you how to use the GIS viewer, and how to use the interactive regime editor, within Habplan, to limit the regimes from which Habplan can select for one or more polygons.)

Tutorial #5: Configuring your own objective function
(This tutorial walks you through the process of setting up Habplan to suit your specific harvest scheduling needs. More specifically, you will learn how to configure your own objectve function.)

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