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Habplan documentation

If you already have a version of Habplan, it is safer to download the upgrade to avoid writing over any changes you might have made to settings or data.     The upgrades only include enough class files to upgrade an existing COMPLETE Habplan installation.  To determine if you need to upgrade, run your current version of Habplan and check the version date under the OPTIONS menu.  If it's older than the most recent upgrade posted, then you need to upgrade.

 Note that before you can install the download files, you must install the Java Runtime Environment ,which is free.  Check here to find out if you need to download the JRE.
It is recommended that you create a home directory on your desktop called "ncasi".  Then extract any Habplan related zip files that you download inside of the ncasi directory. Note: Habplan does some auto-searching for its home directory. You would confuse Habplan by installing it inside a directory called Habplan, and then it wouldn't work properly.


1) To download the complete HABPLAN program  CLICK HERE.   A standard file save window will open to allow you to select the save location.
    The browser should offer to unzip this file for you.   Go ahead and uzip it inside of your ncasi directory.  This should create a Habplan3 subdirectory inside of ncasi
    (If you don't have a ncasi directory on your desktop, create one so you have a home for the Habplan files.)

2) Now create a shortcut as follows.  Right click on the open space on your screen and select new->shortcut.   Then browse to the h.bat file inside of the Habplan3 directory that was created in step 1.  

3) Note -- The h.bat file contains the following command: java -mx1012m Habplan3
     If you think that Habplan will need more memory, then edit the number after -mx to reflect how much RAM you want Habplan to have access to.   For 2 GigaBytes it should be: java -mx2024m Habplan3

    Download more example data below

    1) To download more example data  CLICK HERE.   A standard file save window will open to allow you to select the save location.
        MS Internet Explorer should offer to unzip this file for you.

    Make sure you unzip this  file in the same directory that contains the Habplan3 directory, don't unzip it inside of Habplan3.   You would unzip it inside of the ncasi directory on  your desktop if you followed the recommended installation procedure above.  

    2) To download the multi-district scheduling example data click here. The comments about downloading the other example data sets apply to this data as well. This is a simple example created from the ex419 data.  The first 200 polygons are assigned to F2 and the remaining polygons are assigned to F3.  F1 is the combination of F2 and F3.   However, there is a bug that recently found its way into the multidistrict feature.   You will need to add the BIO2 component to the objective function before adding F1, F2 or F3.     Otherwise, Habplan will complain about the Flow components missing some polygons.   Since BIO2 contains all the polygons, it will initialize them all so the FLOWS don't cause problems. This is now on the bug list of things to fix.