habplan  Software for Spatial Forest Harvest Scheduling

Habplan is a program written in Java for Forest Harvest and Habitat Scheduling. Habplan uses a simulation approach, based on the Metropolis Algorithm, to generate feasible (near optimal) harvest schedules.  Habplan Version 3 features include: a limited Linear Programming (LP) capability, management units to force groups of stands to get the same management regime, and linked FLOW components. For more information, look at the documentation in html or pdf formats. Habgen is a separate program that generates input data for Habplan, and Habread is a new separate program that generates Habplan input data from an MPS file.

NOTE! Only download UPGRADE if you    currently have a pre-existing Habplan installation. Otherwise just download the COMPLETE program.
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Habplan and related software developed by
NCASI Statistics and Model Development Group

NOTE! You should have the JAVA 5 version or newer. The latest versions of Habplan, Habgen and Habread require Java 5 or newer versions.


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