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First, go here to make sure you have the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment.  Habgen won't run unless Java is installed. 

Installation Instructions:

  1.   Click here and unzip the file inside of the same directory that holds the Habplan3 directory.  Normally, this would be the ncasi directory on your desktop.  This will create a Habgen1 directory inside of the ncasi directory.
  2. On Windows, you can quickly create a shortcut by right clicking with the mouse pointing to open space on the screen.
          Then select new->shortcut and browse to select the h.bat file in the Habgen1 directory that you just created.  Then double click
          on the shortcut and ...
Habgen1 should now be running.
Tell Habgen to load the "Previous" settings when it starts and you'll get the data for the Habplan "ex500" problem.
Select the "New" option if you really want to start working on a totally new problem.

Note that the command to execute Habgen1 is inside of the h.bat file.  The command is: java -mx1012m Habgen1.  If Habgen needs more RAM, edit the h.bat file.  To get 2 gigaBytes you would put: java -mx2024m Habgen1.