Now Double click on the map to look at nearby US Forest Inventory Data.

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Select GForest Layer
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Choose one: Forest Land Timber Land

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Ordered selections from variables tab
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You can also download the data that GForest is using for your queries

Select a dataset summarization option.
Plot/Condition Summary
Plot/Condition/Diameter Class Summary
Plot/Condition/Species/Diameter Class Summary
Press "Download" to obtain a zipped csv file of the data being used for your queries, summarized according to the selected option:

STEP 1: Clear the map by pressing the clear button.
STEP 2: Select working circle radius for target mill, then double click the map to locate it. Target Radius = KM.
STEP 3: Select the percent that rival takes from overlap zone. Percent =
Also, select the circle radius for the rival mill, then double click the map to locate it. Rival Radius = KM.
STEP 4: Repeat STEP 3 to add more rivals.
STEP 5: Click on submit.


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