FIA Plot Visualization
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The movies on this page are in a standard avi format that will play on any computer.  They show rapid sequences of FIA plots with audio.  This allows you to scan all of the plots in a state of a particular forest type.  Not all states and forest types are included yet.  This is currently in a trial phase. 

The movies are done by state and forest type.  The species that corresponds to the forest type will have red crowns, other species have different colors.  Therefore, the red crowns depict red spruce for the Maine Red Spruce Movie, but red depicts loblolly pine for the Georgia loblolly movie.  Black crowns depict dead trees.  The last frame in each movie contains a color table that matches the species with the colors.

Available Movies:
    > Introduction - This gives a brief overview  of what is in the movies and why they were made.
    > Movies by state and forest type
Georgia: Cypress/Tupelo Maine: Red Spruce Wisconsin: Aspen Georgia: Loblolly Pine Oregon: Douglas Fir

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