Java installation help
July 25, 2005

This help file is intended to assist you install JAVA on your computer. It assumes that your
browser hasn't automatically installed the JAVA plugin.

1. To visit Sun's Java page, click on this link: java link
2. Your browser will open Sun's Java page. Click on the icon outlined in red.
3. Click the "Begin Download" icon.
4. The next screen checks your system's configuration and automatically downloads and installs the correct Java plugin.
5. Review the license agreement and click the "I accept" radio button. Then click "Next."
6. Select the "Typical" installation and click "Next"
7. The installation program will now install Java.
8. Click the "Finish" button to complete the installation process.
9. Restart your computer by clicking "Yes".
10. To confirm that Java has been installed, return to Sun's Java page by using this link:  java link
11. The download section of the webpage (from step 2 of these instructions) should be replaced by the text circled in red below.
12. Congratulations! You successfully installed Java! If you found these instructions helpful, or could suggest improvement, please email us!

Return to NCASI SMDG's homepage.

If you would care to test your java installation, follow the instructions below.
1. Click the verification link circled in red below.
2. Click the "Verify Installation" link.
3. After a few seconds, Sun should tell you are running the latest version of Java.