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Welcome to COLE: Carbon On Line Estimator!

COLEv2.0 enables the user to examine forest carbon characteristics of any area of the continental United States. COLE data are based on USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory & Analysis and Resource Planning Assessment data, enhanced by other ecological data. 


1) To use COLE with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, you may need to configure activeX controls. See the instructions HERE.

2) COLE requires the java JRE 5.0 plugin, which should be automatically installed by your browser. 
If you start COLE and do not see a map of the United States within 1 minute, and the automatic installation process has not started, click the java icon below. 

java link

Detailed instructions for installing Java can be found here.

3)  COLE returns results in a new browser window, so you may need to disable your popup blocker.

COLE Documentation

User Manual

Please review the COLE user manual, especially if you are new to COLE.  Illustrated examples will help you become familiar with the COLE interface.

COLE manual - html version COLE manual - pdf version

COLE tutorials are designed to introduce the user to the COLE interface and to produce analyses.

COLE Tutorial 1: Introduction

Additional tutorials are under development.


    COLE - java-based graphical interface

    coleLite - html-based forms: does not require java.  Best for slow internet connections and systems .

COLE is under active development.  If you have any comments, suggestions or problems, drop us an email! When reporting problems, please describe states, analysis and variables (if any).

COLE no longer receives funding from the USDA Forest Service, but will continue to be maintained by NCASI for as long as possible as a public service.
COLE originated as a collaborative project between NCASI and the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station. Major funding has included grants from units within the USDA Forest Service: Forest Health Monitoring and the Northern Research Station, specifically RWU 4104, Northern Global Change Program, Forest Inventory and Analysis, and Forest Carbon Accounting and Research.

Suggested citations:

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  2. An article describing COLE statistical methods:
    Van Deusen, P.C., Heath, L.S. 2010. Weighted analysis methods for mapped plot forest inventory data: Tables, regressions, maps and graphs. Forest Ecol. Manage. 260:1607-1612. pdf