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RFF Tool

About SMDG:

The NCASI Statistics and Model Development Group (SMDG) is located in Lowell, Massachusetts (U.S.A). SMDG works on statistical and modeling problems, with an emphasis on serving the environmental needs of the forestry industry. The majority of research conducted by SMDG entails some sort of computer analysis, which can include detailed statistical analysis, model application and analysis, or process and management optimization. SMDG provides technical support to NCASI staff and member companies. SMDG is able to develop computer applications and unique process models for the mill side of the industry in addition to forestry related applications. SMDG also manages the Biometrics Working Group (BWG).

Current Computerized Models:
  • GForest - To visualize and analyze FIA data On-Line
  • RFF Tool -The Relative Frequency Function tool to classify habitat
  • Habplan - A program written in Java for Forest Harvest and Habitat Scheduling
  • Habgen - A regime generator for Habplan
  • Habread - An MPS file reader for Habplan
  • COLE - Carbon On-Line Estimator
  • SOLE - Southern On-Line Estimator for FIA data




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